What Goes UP Must Come Down

Magic makes the Enchanted Forest appear at the Pink Palace each year, but elbow grease makes it disappear!

Back when I was doing another show that was more of a generalized journal, I interviewed  a psychologist during the bleakness of  midwinter about seasonal depression.

He said that the holidays furnish the perfect storm for an emotional letdown when all is not sugar plum fairies and mistletoe– and folks find themselves –and their budgets, stressed to the max. Add to this, he said, the general let down that comes when the holiday “caffeine” is taken out of the picture–and you have folks set up for some morose thoughts.

That is not my problem, although I feel sympathy for those who feel let down. Mine is not an emotional issue but a physical issue. Taking down all of those Christmas trees and decorations that were put up back in November–Bah! Humvee! That’s what I need to tote it all back home!

As I suspected, the day began at a rapid clip, with store business and our vocal band leading the way. A trip to the office was next, and then as darkness fell over the parking lot, it was a gallop over to the Pink Palace with Sir Charles to yank down as many ornaments as we could before our rehearsal.

Sir Charles Ponder with our 2010 Stone Award for Best Recording Group in Memphis

The deadline for the Great Removal is tomorrow morning by noon.

Charles, who is tall, was able to reach the top without a ladder, and it was not long before we had everything arranged in neat piles on the floor so that I can easily pack it up tomorrow. Then it was  dash away dash away all to our practice for Midsummer Night’s Dream with RIVA and the principal opera singers.

Fortunately, the day included some healthy and energizing meals from Mr. Wu, and I even had the forethought to bring a Wu box of shrimp and jade vegetables with me to practice.

When I got home, it was nearly 10 p.m. A long day. And not what I had in mind when it comes to organizing my time. But at least it was a healthy and productive day.