One Week with Wu

So far the Wu Food Project has been more fun than I could have imagined. I am now a brown rice convert–not only is it filling, but it has that nut-like flavor going on that gives it a richer taste. I’ve not been hungry and I have enjoyed every bite.

Brown rice is served with every meal. Large amounts of brown rice. That is why I am so intrigued by this staple of Wu Food–it seems to possess mystical qualities!

Here is a link  to another blog that discussed some studies that focused brown rice–and rice in general.

I apologize to all of you that my blogging skills are so rudimentary and other than the bright offerings of Mr. Wu, the  appearance of my blog  is rather drab–conversely,  the blog I am referring you to toots a much bigger horn, wears a snappy uniform, and parades under the banner of the New York Times.

And yes, I lost three pounds. I knew something was up, because I was able to move my rings from my ring finger to my middle finger.

Here are the daily menus, followed by some  photos of the dishes:

Friday, September 3

Steamed Sea Bass and Green Beans

Brown Rice

Saturday, September 4

Tofu with Mixed Vegetables

and Brown Rice

Sunday, September 5

Chicken Breast with  Spinach

and Brown Rice

Monday, September 6…Mu Shu with Mixed Vegetables

Tuesday, September 7…Green Peppers and Onions with Steak

Wednesday,  September 8

Steamed Red Snapper with Northern Bok Choy

Thursday, September 9

Mixed Vegetables Lo Mein

Friday, September 10,  Green Beans with Chicken Breast

Saturday, September 11,  Chicken Teriyaki with Lettuce and  Brown Rice

2 thoughts on “One Week with Wu

  1. The meals look delicious and three pounds gone –Yeah for you! Brown rice is tasty. That’s a switch we’ve made at our house, too.

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Your comment reminded me of a fascinating blog entry that I read recently, and I have just
      added it to the text of One Week With Wu.
      Brown rice rules!

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